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Autumn is in the air !

I love the autumn, the sense of new beginnings for those entering a new academic year at school, or off to university for the first time. The sense of ending for nature as the trees start to turn from summer greens to stunning burnt orange and russet reds, before eventually falling to the ground.

As in nature, our own lives go through different seasons, which of course is what I capture every time I host a coaching session with a client. I will never take what I do for granted. It is such an honour to give space to people as they transition into a new season of life, from using a session to explore what a new job may give them, to holding space for someone to explore a loss in their life, each session is unique to each individual.

Over recent months I have been thinking about the huge amount of loss that so many have experienced in the last eighteen months. In particular, the number of people who were bereaved and were unable to hold funerals in the way they would have wanted, compounding their grief and bereavement experience.

With this in mind I have put together an online bereavement programme which I will be hosting from September 13th.

This programme will run for six one-hour sessions held on consecutive Monday evenings. The group will have a maximum of eight participants so that those who wish to share can do so.

If you, or anyone that you know, may benefit from this programme please do encourage them to connect with me for further details 07446932068 /

I am also focusing my one-to-one coaching more towards preparing for loss and bereavement coaching at this time.

I would love to know what you enjoy about autumn - do let me know !

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