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Re-entry into a new normal!

Apparently one of the most dangerous phases of a space mission is the re-entry into Earth's orbit. I feel that that there is a parallel in that scenario for those of us re-entering life after lockdown. We have all adjusted one way or another to living life with a range of restrictions in the last 14 months. During that time we have passed through various stages including novelty, fear, inconvenience, frustration, disappointment and hope.

Medical professionals are now speaking of Covid Anxiety Syndrome as something that many people may experience as they re-enter a life without all the restrictions in place.

Maybe you can identify with feelings of uncertainty or even fear as you venture back out to the shops, restaurants and social spaces? I want to reassure you that you are not alone and that there are many who will be sharing those same feelings at this time.

I want to remind you that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that we need to give ourselves permission to be kind to ourselves at this time, to acknowledge that it is normal to be concerned and that for some of us it will take a little longer than others to move forward.

I often connect with people who feel overwhelmed or who are struggling to see the future in a positive light. I always encourage them to think about what will help them move one step forward, something that is not going to be too difficult to achieve, so that they can start the journey to where they want to get to.

Do you need to think of one small step you can take this week that will move you in the right direction for your own personal journey of re-entry into your post-lockdown life.

As always I am very happy to have a conversation with you if you feel that you would benefit from any further support.


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