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Life in the fast lane

In the last couple of months, I have found myself living life in the fast lane, which is not somewhere I enjoy being. Whilst I love taking on new challenges I like to move at a steady pace, where I have time to enjoy what I am doing and feel that I am in control. The last couple of months have found me having to work long hours and taking on much more than I would normally do. The main reason for this change of pace came as a result of the stroke club that I manage reopening after being closed for over a year due to lock down. Suddenly I was finding myself having a number of things to do all at once - it was exhausting and overwhelming.

Thankfully I am now starting to be able to take my foot a little bit off the accelerator, change to a lower gear and move to a different lane. I haven’t quite managed to arrange any time off yet but at least I am not hurtling along at top speed any more.

The trouble is that going along at top speed for too long can be dangerous and can cause us to crash and burn. I drive a manual car with gears and it reminds me that any journey I take requires me to drive at differrent speeds, using different gears if I am to reach my destination in one piece.

In life, it is wisdom to know what speed we should be moving at. Sometimes we need to stop and refuel, other times we may need to be taking things slowly perhaps after illness or in a time of readjustment, and other times we may need to pick up speed to go after something so we don’t miss the boat!

Where are you today in your journey?

Have you been parked up not going anywhere for too long?

Have you been speeding along in the fast lane and maybe need to slow down for a bit?

Are you running on empty and need to stop and refuel?

Why not take a moment to reflect on where you are in life and where you are heading?

As always, I am happy to connect for a chat if you feel I can support you on your journey.

July 2021

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